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“IMAP Albia Capital adds restructuring and refinancing advice to mergers and acquisitions”

IMAP Albia Capital, a leading company in the field of corporate mergers and acquisitions, has also had to readjust during the state of alert.
They have strengthened their advisory role, reinforcing other processes such as restructuring and refinancing, which have taken on a leading role in a scenario that has not come to a halt due to the pandemic.
Fernando Cabos, partner of this company, summarizes the situation they have faced since last March: “We have refocused our activity, from mergers and acquisitions to advising on restructuring and refinancing”.
In this sense, IMAP Albia Capital has collaborated with various associations and chambers of commerce in this advice, through, as Cabos explains, up to 15 webinars.
As an example, the last one was given in collaboration with ACICAE (Basque Automotive Cluster). Among other issues, the participants discussed how to define the refinancing strategy, how to make a refinancing proposal, how to negotiate with banks, their risk departments and advisors, and the legal implications of refinancing.
Mr. Cabos himself stressed that “it is necessary to pay attention to the financial keys but it is also interesting to face the situation from a leadership position”.
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