Corporate Transactions and Trends Report in Spain Software Industry


  • We are pleased to present our analysis of the corporate trading market and trends in the software industry in the Spanish market, in which we provide information on market trends, valuation metrics and some of the main transactions that have taken place in the Spanish market during the last few years.
  • This document is based on the industry report by the technology team of IMAP M&A Consultants (Germany) entitled “Software Industry Report: Facts, Trends, M&A & Valuation Metrics”. All mentions of the global evolution of the activity and market multiples have been taken from this report.
  • The software industry in Spain has been growing during the last years, reaching 3.5 billion euros in 2018 (+4.4% CAGR 2013-2018). In turn, during this period of time, corporate operations have skyrocketed in the Spanish market from less than 100 transactions in 2013 and 2014 to around 600 operations per year during the last 4 years.
  • As a result of the Covid-19 this industry has been very active thanks to the high demand for solutions designed for remote work. It is worth noting that more than half of the national companies that manufacture or distribute management software estimate that their sales will not be lower than last year, even 24.6% believe that they will increase.
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