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M&A Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisition of companies, sale of companies, mergers and alliances

Why IMAP Albia Capital

M&A services make up the core activity of IMAP Albia Capital, which was created to provide services to middle market companies and entrepreneurs in their processes to sell, acquire and merge firms and perform other M&A actions required for developing a company’s strategy.

IMAP Albia Capital and its team have advised on more than 200 M&A operations in the last few years, focusing heavily on managing the business fundamentals and their positioning, rather than on handling the exclusively or fundamentally financial transactions which are not favourable to midmarket companies’ actions.

In this sense, all of IMAP Albia Capital’s operations are analysed from a strategic, commercial, operational and financial standpoint, and the potential buyers are screened based on these parameters.

To ensure a transaction’s success, the aforementioned screening must be made with an overall view, which is why IMAP Albia Capital is a member of an international network, providing a global M&A service through the Group’s branches around the world.

The following service groups form part of the M&A business line:

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