Valuation of Companies & Strategy

Valuation and support services in the process of understanding and considering strategic development.


Because we understand your needs better, due to the fact that we have been corporate managers before advisors; we have a better understanding of companies and the industry; we place at your disposal specialist committies in your sector; and we are selective when it comes to accepting projects, so that you will be assured that we consider your operation or project viable, and offer you the most appropriate resources.

We are an independent organisation specialising in the execution of M&A dealings in the Middle Market and ensuring a multisectoral scope. We place at your disposal a team exclusively dedicated to M&A / Corporate Finance; we offer you a situation-solving oriented approach; and we provide you with our experience in multiple sectors

Valuation Advice

▪ Valuation services: Drawing up of a valuation report for external agents, valuation analysis during the acquisition process, valuation analysis during the sale process, specific advice in the valuation process.

▪ Extensive experience and knowledge in the field of business, corporate and project valuations.

▪ Continuous contact with the market, which facilitates discerning as to whether the theoretical value obtained through the application of valuation methods is appropriate to what the market is willing to offer.

Strategic Advice

▪ Corporate strategy: identification of the business development model, organic growth through acquisitions, opportunity identification, etc.

▪ Finance strategy: analysis of financial needs and identification of how to address them.

▪ Diversification and competitive improvement strategies.

▪ Strategic review: sanity check of the business model and strategic orientation. Strategic and business due diligence.

▪ Alliances: advice on strategic alliances and joint ventures.

▪ Business restructuring and reorientation: situation and feasibility analysis. Identification and search of business continuity.

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