What they say about us

“Thank you very much Jörgen Larsson and Fernando Cabos! What a great deal we have managed to do together, and in record time! We are pleased with the work done by ALBIA IMAP.”

Paco Talora
Teknia M&A Manager

“… I could say that at all times they were involved in understanding what we were doing, our interests , and in helping us offer our best image to potential buyers. IMAP Albia Capital offered us invaluable help throughout the sales process, acting as another employee of our company, advising us, actively participating in Due Diligence, defending our interests, but at the same time, being honest with us and with the Buyer. I could summarize that without his collaboration we would not have been able to close our operation in the conditions in which we finally closed it. My deep gratitude to them and of course, our recommendation”

Eduardo Aguilar
Former shareholder of LTK Lean Logistics

“Psychology. That is the term I would highlight above their great professionalism, knowledge and proven experience in this type of transactions. It has undoubtedly been a pleasure to count on their participation and enormously enriching at a professional level for those of us who have been involved from the beginning in the whole operation.”

Fernando Garay

“The acquisition of the New Boston operation (MI, USA) was the first significative acquisition for Alcorta. Relying on Albia’s advice has provided us with knowledge, experience and professionalism from a first rate team. Albia was involved in this deal as a partner that has accompanied us in the entire process with maximum implication, focused on achieving the best possible deal for Alcorta. We are fully satisfied with the job done and the result obtained.”

Lorenzo Mendieta
General Manager
Alcorta Forging Group

“Working with IMAP Albia Capital, as an expert in corporate transactions in the Energy and Renewables sector, has been very positive. I would like to highlight their great professionalism, attention and great knowledge of the market.”

Juan Hervella

“We were considering a complex transaction. Selling a business to a company that would not only continue with our activity but to enhance it, guaranteeing jobs. At IMAP ALBIA CAPITAL we found the best partners, both to locate and select buyers to manage and guarantee the best possible strategic transaction. We are very satisfied with their work. Totally recomended.”

Fermín Etxedona y Carmen Arratia

“From the beginning and throughout the process we felt a great harmony with the team of professionals that make up ALBIA. Working hand in hand with them has been crucial to reach a satisfactory final result: the sale of our company.”

Pablo Gracia
Managing Director
Aros, S.A. (Notton)

“When a takeover or acquisition transaction is undertaken accompanied by of a team of professionals, the result is always streamlined and satisfactory. Working together with the ALBIA CAPITAL team has been a very positive and enriching experience.”

Andoni Izquierdo
Management Committe
Rhenus Logistics SAU

“The fact of having counted on IMAP ALBIA CAPITAL´s collaboration in several RESTRUCTURING and REFINANCING processes over the last 15 years, has enabled me to verify not only the highly trained professionals they are, but likewise their creativity in seeking reasonable solutions for all parties, empathy towards the client, and their extraordinary proactive attitude and dedication as consultants.”

Javier Julián
Managing Director
Praxis Pharmaceutical

“In any financial restructuring process, it is essential to be accompanied by someone with whom to reach an agreement on a very precise financial plan, known by the bank and fully reliable…”

Alex Ormaechevarria
Vice – General Manager
Grupo Azpiaran

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