Resilience is a powerful tool

Irache Estebaranz, Office Manager & Marketing
Resilience is a powerful tool that helps us to CONTINUE. Whatever happens in our lives we have to keep going.
And yes, we’ve all been scared at one time or another. Covid 19 has brought back the fear of uncertainty, of the unknown, of disease, of the economic consequences of this health crisis that we must overcome. In spite of this, there is no other option but to go ahead, and take short and medium-term decisions that will allow us to overcome this very unpredictable situation.  Once again, we have been surprised.
So what do we do now? Well, we act. It’s time to think about Refinancings, Restructurings and Feasibility Plans. Make decisions NOW. It can’t wait because later it will be too late … In this sense, throughout these three months of the State of Alarm, IMAP Albia Capital has given more than 10 webinars in different institutions and Chambers of Commerce to provide our experience and help companies as far as we can.
Curiously, I have been struck by the fact that, despite the fact that these are essentially financial talks, in the subsequent networking the attendees have repeatedly addressed their concern about the emotional and motivational level of the company leader, who may feel blocked in a situation such as the one we are experiencing. There is fear. There is evidence of fatigue and the need to obtain tools to move forward: not only financial, but also psychological. We are people. We feel, we suffer, we spend nights thinking about problems, and sometimes we lack the strength and feel the loneliness of those who have to make serious decisions.
And what do we have left?  The resilience, the conviction and the determination of what has to be done and to accept help.
We are living in compromising situations, very compromising, in which we must motivate ourselves with an objective .  Objectives are always a powerful tool to continue: realistic, ambitious but achievable, consensual objectives .
Ownership and management must convey enthusiasm and leadership. It is the entrepreneur, the leader, who has to form the team with which he is going to design the plan. He is the one who is going to execute and therefore has to believe in him. Why? Because you cannot transmit fatigue, lack of ideas, or disillusionment.
It is true that thoughts come to mind, we are psychologically exhausted, we have almost not left the previous crisis and now again the Covid …. We need to ask for help from specialists in restructuring and refinancing who can provide us with the leadership and conviction to carry out each measure, because we have to transmit confidence in the project. We will have to make tough decisions.
And here a key reflection : The leader cannot be a leader in solitude, he has to surround himself with an internal or external team, that pushes. We must look for a project that provides a solution, although it is true that sometimes loneliness remains and accompanies us, and we are inevitably tempted to give up. It is then when you have to transmit credibility, be creative in reinventing the company and above all be firm and patient, because the results are not always immediate.
Now that we have the plan, we are convinced that we can carry it out, we have the leadership … and we can accompany it with an adequate financial structure. Go ahead.
Nothing is improvised and it is essential to anticipate. This allows us to be aware and make appropriate decisions in time. If the solution is in restructuring, time is money. Time allows us to negotiate and ask for efforts.
And of course, once the decision is made in time, trust is vital, the position of shareholders or ownership becomes the base of the pyramid and provides credibility.  If the ownership fails, is disunited or does not share the lines of action, everything else fails. We must work on these foundations as we work on automation or productivity and let ourselves be guided and accompanied. Likewise there is no plan that is worth if the workers do not assume the plan and row in the same direction. Uncertainties will become unfortunate certainties.
Let us reflect, make a Feasibility Plan, and execute it and lead in plan involving those who can condition it, giving it the necessary comfort and if it is not clear and the forces weaken, let us seek help and collaboration.  IMAP Albia Capital has the experience and know-how to accompany and if necessary lead these complex processes by providing its knowledge and capacity to resolve complex business situations.
Let us not forget that the key is LEADERSHIP, CONVINCING and NEGOTIATING, without ruling out that a little luck is not bad either.
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