Webinar on “The keys to non-bank financing”

On May 27th, Pablo Gómez, Transaction Manager gave a webinar in collaboration with HEGAN BASQUE AEROSPACE CLUSTER in which the Keys to Non-Bank Financing were reviewed.

In an environment of maximum financial exigency originated by the stop and later relaunch of the business activity, the non banking financing (or alternative financing) emerges like an instrument that allows the company to accede to new sources of financing that are compatible and complementary with the traditional financing.

Alternative financing provides financing through services normally provided by independent private financial institutions to banks.

The emergence of new technologies in non-bank financing has meant that in recent years new financing instruments have emerged aimed at SMEs, industrial or service companies, of a certain size to which they provide flexibility depending on the type of operation and amounts appropriate to their needs.

This webinar provides an overview of these instruments, the advantages they have over traditional financing and some of the requirements for accessing them.

You can access the talk at the following link.
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