Webinar about Bank Debt Refinancing

Fernando Cabos, last Tuesday, May 5, taught a webinar on how to Refinance Bank Debt,something so necessary in times of crisis in collaboration with the Chamber of Cantabria.

You can watch the talk by clicking Cantabria Commerce Chamber

Throughout the life of companies there are times when their activity is not able to generate enough resources to meet the commitments made. This situation will be almost generalized due to the blackout of the business activity caused by Covid-19. The supports and loans of the different institutions are being in the form of loans and deferments and consequently companies will face a situation of greater indebtedness and an uncertain recovery landscape and, therefore, with needs to accommodate the maturities of their debt to the cash flows generated by their activity.

This webinar defines the keys to successfully addressing the debt refinancing process with financial institutions. To this end, it will set out how to define the refinancing strategy, how to propose a refinancing proposal, how to negotiate with the bank its risk departments and its advisers as well as the legal implications of refinancing (the Refinancing Framework Agreement: obligations that it usually imposes and judicial approval of the refinancing agreement: reasons and their effect on dissident fine-grain entities).

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