IMAP Albia Capital : Show your rare, Show you care


On World Rare Disease Day, 29 th February, IMAP Albia Capital joins the initiative to give visibility to these rare diseases.

Improving the quality of life of patients is a challenge that we face the whole society, first making them visible and then struggling to investigate to improve the quality of life of the person and cure can be found.

To investigate is to have Hope and the inclusion of people in all areas of life (such as the workplace) is necessary in the immediate future.

According to Juan Carrión, President of FEDER, «in recent years there has been a proliferation of awareness campaigns to bring society to the world of rare diseases. However, we are still in a very incipient phase. The ER are below normalization than the rest of the disabilities, due to added difficulties such as lack of scientific knowledge, diagnosis or information, high cost of treatments, etc. Circumstances that put the group at high risk of suffering social and labor exclusion ».FEDER

Anyone with a Strange Disease has the right to a have a life as good as possible and we are as a society obliged to give them visibility and integrate all patients in a diverse and aware society.

Professionally it is important for all those children or young people who suffer from thinking if their condition will affect them when developing their profession, knowing that we are advancing quickly and that we are entering a diverse and plural society.

The values ​​of the people who make up the organizations and the values ​​of the Organization in general must always be directed towards solidarity and integration. Empathy is the rule number one.

To collaborate as much as possible in research campaigns and, above all, giving visibility to what was hidden until recently, we are collaborating to create a better society.

IMAP Albia Capital joins this awareness campaign, which I greatly appreciate because I find myself wrapped up in a fight that I have made “the engine of my life”.

“When 10 years ago I faced a situation as difficult as the arrival of a Rare Disease at home, there were thousands of fears that assaulted me: one of the greatest was knowing if a “normal” life would be possible. I have already learned that in Rare Diseases, the “not normal” is not such, but is EXTRAORDINARY.

The human quality of the professionals of this company helps me to think that we can do something together” 

Irache Estebaranz

Office Manager & Marketing

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