Ceramic Sector – Visit CEVIMASA in Valencia – M&A, Mergers & Acquisitions in this sector

We have had the privilege of visiting one of the globally renowned fairs in the ceramic sector: CEVISAMA.

It is a recommended and necessary exercise to attend such events and immerse oneself as much as possible (without disturbing the professionals).

  1. Despite the challenges the ceramic sector has faced in recent years, we find companies that endure with resilience and work across all links in the value chain: raw material production, design, manufacturing, storage, and distribution/commercialization.
  2. It is a tremendously internationalized sector. In the aisles of the different pavilions, professionals from numerous countries (Italy, China, India, Turkey, the USA, etc.) could be found, with English being the most heard language.
  3. It continues to be surprising that over 80% of Spanish companies in the sector are concentrated in just 30 square kilometers in the province of Castellón.
  4. It will remain a market where we will see M&A transactions in the coming years. Among the main reasons are, on the one hand, the divestment that some private equity funds (Miura, Realza, etc.) will likely have to execute in the short term, and on the other hand, the search for synergies among small players to mitigate the impact of the demand decline.
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