Albiacoustic celebrates its sixth edition at Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

This Thursday, November 30th, we celebrate the sixth edition of Albiacoustic, an event that brings together corporate finance professionals and entrepreneurs and uses art and music as a nexus of union.

In 2018, the interest of the people who make up the IMAP Albia Capital team was born from the desire to create a disruptive and different event in which to bring together clients and friends of the house around a concert. We believe that music unites people, cultures and companies and that is why we created Albiacoustic, to share our passion for music and art with M&A and finance professionals.

We stopped imagining it and made it happen.

Since then, Albiacoustic has been evolving and incorporating concepts such as art, with artists like Miguel Martínez and Gracia Gómez-Córtazar, solidarity and support for entrepreneurs to reach what it is today, an event of reference among businessmen and financial professionals.

On this occasion, we have taken a step forward and we will celebrate Albiacoustic at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, of which we are corporate members and we will have the pleasure of giving our guests a private tour of the Picasso Sculptor and Gego exhibitions, currently on display at the museum.

In addition, in the solidarity part we will have the AVA Foundation that does an incredible job supporting children with neurological disorders and their families. We want to give visibility to these organizations that do so much good to our society. We do not forget the Dale CandELA Association with Jaime Lafita at the head, example of life and overcoming and WOP with Mikel Rentería and Mentxu Mendieta, also referents in the fight for research.

For the concert, we will have the Smile Group for the second time, a group that transmits strength and joy and that will accompany us until the end of the event.

Albiacoustic is already a recognized event and we hope to continue to be an annual meeting of reference for lovers of art, music and finance for many years to come.

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