Vail Home to Over 120 M&A Experts This Week at IMAP Conference

From 4-5 April, over 120 IMAP professionals representing 21 countries will gather at the Grand Hyatt Vail Hotel in Colorado for IMAP’s Spring 2023 Conference, hosted by Capstone Partners – IMAP USA.

The conference sessions will primarily be dedicated to IMAP corporate strategy, business development and deepening the ties between the colleagues who have travelled from around the world to attend. Top on the agenda, will of course be M&A dealmaking opportunities in the mid-cap market which has to date proven highly resilient in what is almost certainly the most challenging economic environment seen in the last 40 years.

In the industry sessions, IMAP sector specialists from the Consumer, Industrials, Transport & Logistics, Business Services, and Technology & Telecom industries, IMAP’s top performing sectors, will have the opportunity to discuss mandates and pipelines, and identify opportunities for cross-border transactions which comprise nearly a third of IMAP’s annual deals. By regularly sharing insights and anticipating the trends expected to drive the next wave of activity in these markets, IMAP is able to identify new buy- and sell-side opportunities for its clients, be-it a business owner, family office, large corporation or institutional investor.

There will also be specialist panel sessions dedicated to US Capital Markets by John Augustine, Chief Investment Officer at Huntington Trust and Matt Milcetich, Executive Managing Director at Huntington Capital Markets. Capstone Partners colleagues will also lead sessions on Buy-side Opportunities with Sponsors, and Building a Restructuring & Advisory Practice, which has gained in importance post-COVID following an increase in distressed M&A activity and causing many businesses being forced to rethink their crisis management.

While technical skills and industry and experience are essential in the M&A space, the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate, and build trust is equally important. Moreover, the M&A process often involves multiple stakeholders with varying interests and objectives, requiring advisors to navigate complex dynamics and build consensus among diverse groups. Recognizing therefore, the importance of honing interpersonal skills, Meenu Vengal and Santera Shears, Talent Management Consultants at Huntington will lead an Interpersonal Leadership skills workshop. In the same vein, looking inwards, and towards personal growth and development, guest speaker, Nick Propper, Chief Executive Officer at Impact Human Performance will lead will be looking at the subject of Resilience Leadership.

As IMAP celebrates its 50th anniversary and looks towards the next half century, it’s essential not only to have a leadership team equipped to navigate new challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities, but also to identify and develop the next generation of leaders. Commitment to talent development, career progression, helping to attract and retain top talent is key, hence another key conference theme and many conference sessions, led by Capstone Partners, will be dedicated to NextGen Leadership.

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