The step from being a General Manager to being an Entrepreneur

Many of the managers have often thought of taking the step to become entrepreneurs, either within the company in which they work or in another company in the sector that they already dominate due to their activity.

On the other hand, there are many entrepreneurs/shareholders who, in order to give continuity to the company, are considering its sale and for whom the sale to the company’s managers may be a valid and realistic alternative.

MBOs, MBIs and other figures such as BIMBOs, for example, are highly valued and attractive operations for private equity funds and financial investors in general, who see the involvement of the managers as a commitment and a great confidence in the future of the company that is the object of the operation.

The experience of Grupo Azpiaran, told by its two protagonists, Manu García Iturri and Alex Ormaechevarria, in Chapter 7 of our Podcast “The Last Meeting” shows us how two managers who became entrepreneurs and is an example that can encourage to take the step and succeed.

We need entrepreneurs and MBOs (Management Buy Out) and MBIs (Management Buy In) are an attractive form of entrepreneurship.

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