Sixth in the national firms consultancy league table for M&A & Corporate Finance

IMAP Albia Capital, which has completed 10 M&A transactions in 2019, is ranked as the sixth M&A and Corporate Finance consultancy firm in terms of number of corporate acquisitions completed at a national level, according to the league table drawn up by TTR (Transactional Track Record)

This recognition as one of the Top 10 national consultancy firms and one of the Top 5 in terms of sale mandates effectively completed, constitutes an endorsement of the work and the business development carried out by the company, making it a benchmark firm as regards corporate purchase and sale transactions, securing business partners, and other M&A transactions.

At a sectoral level, the transactions performed by IMAP Albia Capital have been multi-sectoral, with deals in the energy and renewables, food, automotive, industrial, services, and logistics sectors. Particularly noteworthy is the high level of international counterparties in the transactions carried out in recent years, especially as buyers of businesses. Between 40% and 50% of the business acquisitions in which IMAP Albia Capital has rendered consulting services have involved an international company acquiring market position, market share, or a product by way of buying a local company.

The ranking of Elías Martínez, a partner at our firm, is worth highlighting. The four business sales he has completed position him in second place in the TTR ranking, tied with another executive, in terms of number of businesses sold, and fifth at a national level if both corporate sales and corporate acquisitions are considered.

From a Global perspective, IMAP has closed 2019 with 223 transactions completed, of which 75% correspond to corporate sales and _25%  to corporate acquisitions. These figures place the firm at number  7 in the Thomson Reuters league table at a global level, where it has been ranked in the Top 10 consistently over the past 10 years.

This positioning is an endorsement of our strategy and focuses on providing an efficient, personal, and trustworthy service, with which we intend to carry on growing in terms of number of transactions in the coming years. The amount of corporate sales or acquisitions, and other corporate or M&A transactions carried out is already in excess of 120.

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