Resilience as a business driver , podcast in Bego Beristain´s channel

How do we exercise resilience in our work environment?

When things change or fall apart, we have to get back on our feet.

Last Thursday, June 17 th, Fernando Cabos, partner at IMAP Albia Capital and Irache Estebaranz, Marketing Manager, participated in Bego Beristain’s Podcast to talk about Resilience in the business world.

We need adapt:  analyze the environment , analyze the difficulties and move forward.

Darwin in his famous work “The Origin of the Species” indicated that the best adapted survives, “the fittest”, and not the strongest,  as we may normally think.

Companies must have the ability to adapt to change and take on the challenge of adapting to the new scenario.

Survival is not an option, the company must change and must be accompanied by someone to lead the change of scenario to the new market.

We invite you to listen to the complete podcast at the following link 

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