Q1-Q3 2020 , IMAP closed 117 M&A deals worth more than $ 4,5 billion


IMAP closed 117 M&A deals worth over 4,5 billion during  Q1-Q3 2020, 31 % of which were cross-border. Deals were closed across 15 different secdtors, with Technology and Industrials being the most active.

“Followig the steep drop-off in global M&A activity Q2, there were signs of renewed transaction activity in Q3 as previously paused deals were reactivated and well-positioned buyers ventured back to th market.  In Q3, IMAP partners around the world closed 43 transactions, making a 78% rebound from Q2. Moreover, opportunities and mandates continued to surface throughout Q3,  which suggests further improvements may be in store for the final quarter of the year”.

 Jurgis V.Oniunas, IMAP Chairman.


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