Podcast on Dermatology and Cosmetics with David García, CEO of Ximart Laboratories


We present Chapter 17 of ‘The Last Meeting,’ in which we chat with David García, CEO of Ximart Laboratories S.A., a cosmetic manufacturer.

David has been with the laboratories for over 7 years and is a management member of the Beauty Cluster, as well as a passionate enthusiast of history and Guns&Roses Rock&Roll.

Did you know that Spain exports more cosmetic products than wine? Do you know what products Ximart Laboratories manufactures? What are the reasons for the growth in M&A transactions in the Dermatology and Cosmetics world?

Aitor Cayero and Irache Estebaranz have discussed all of this and much more with David, to whom we deeply thank for his time.

Available on all podcasting platforms.

Highly recommended.





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