IMAP Albia Capital advises Estamode´s shareholders on the sale of their share to Gemba Private Equity

IMAP Albia Capital has advised Estamode‘s shareholders on the sale of 100% of their shares to Gemba Private Equity, an investment fund that specialises in industrial SMEs.

With this acquisition, Gemba expects to provide the company with the resources needed to tackle its ambitious growth plan, thereby generating value for the company’s stakeholders (employees, banks, suppliers and customers).

“Estampaciones Modernas is Gemba Private Equity’s third acquisition since it was incorporated earlier this year, in line with our business model based on the acquisition of Spanish industrial companies in the low-middle market segment. We have high expectations for the company, given its strong customer portfolio and the outlook for the growth of the electric motor sector in the coming years,” states David Gonzalvo, Gemba’s Investment Director.


Estamode, based in Zaragoza, is Spain’s foremost producer of magnetic cores for electric motors and generators, with almost 75 years of experience in the sector.

The company works for top multinationals in the automotive, household appliance, lifting and industrial applications sectors. With exports accounting for more than 60% of its sales, the company had over €21M in revenue in 2021.


Gemba Private Equity is a private equity fund specialising in the purchase, management and sale of industrial and service companies in Spain. The company is focused on the SME segment (revenue up to €30M), carries out total acquisitions (100%) and assumes the direct management of its investees. Gemba invests in all economic sectors (except real estate and finance) and mainly targets companies with succession problems, non-strategic assets or subsidiary divestments.


IMAP Albia Capital is a firm specialising in mergers and acquisitions, and sales and purchases of companies. It is the exclusive member in Spain of the IMAP organisation, which is present in more than 40 countries. Globally, IMAP closed 297 deals in 2021. It is consistently ranked among the top 10 M&A advisors worldwide and plays a leading role amongst independent advisors.

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