IMAP Albia Capital advises Enerquat to find a partner for the development of solar farms

ENERQUAT and ALTEN GLOBAL recently closed a deal to jointly develop photovoltaic power stations in Spain.

The agreement foresees the fundamental roles of ENERQUAT as local developer of the projects and ALTEN as the promoter of the stations and includes the highest quality standards for its environmental and socio-economic criteria.

Enerquat: “Our experience in working with IMAP Albia Capital as experts in corporate operations in the Energy and Renewables industry has been extremely positive and enriching. We’d like to highlight their great professionalism, helpfulness and knowledge of the market.”


ENERQUAT ( is a company that specialises in developing wind and hydro power projects, as well as in the storage of energy from renewable sources.  The experience gained over the years by several companies in the electric power industry, has led to the foundation of this company with a determined focus on creating clean energy through an ambitious global strategy. Together, the members of its founding and management team bring more than 40 years’ experience in the energy industry to the company.


Alten (, established in 2006, is an independent energy producer that specialises in solar power and relies on a team with broad experience in development, financing, building and operating this type of stations in competitive environments. Alten has developed and invested in 13 solar power stations (850 MW) a total €750M in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and sub-Saharan Africa, countries where it has also developed a very important pipeline.

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