Do you know how much is your company worth? La Rioja Marketing Club

On Thursday, March 17th, Aitor Cayero and Alex Azcona, partners at IMAP Albia Capital, gave a talk at the Marketing Club of La Rioja on “How much is my company worth?

In a very dynamic day and with the participation of the attendees where we shared theory and practical examples, the course “How much is my company worth?” shows the divergences between value and price in the valuation of companies, while illustrating the cases with real examples. It describes the generally accepted methods of company valuation and their contrast with the reality of the market.

In the current context of abundance of corporate transactions and excess liquidity in the markets, many companies are approached or have opportunities for the execution of a corporate transaction for which they require a guide to estimate the value of the company.

Thanks to the Marketing Club of La Rioja and its associates for the invitation!

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