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Fourth edition Albiacoustic

Albiacoustic is an event that aims to be a meeting point for friends and clients of IMAP Albia Capital. As a financial company   (mergers and acquisitions, sale and purchase of companies, capital raising, financing advisory and valuation of companies with international presence) we wanted to bring together in an annual event our friends and clients […]

IMAP Albia Capital presents its Sonobrand

IMAP Albia Capital is an international firm, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, financing advisory and valuation of companies, which is recurrently listed in the Top 10 M&A advisors globally and is the first independent. We have decided to create a Sonobrand as a continuation of our branding strategy. It is the logical evolution

Pablo Gómez in TTR´s blog

Pablo Gómez, Director   TTR: What are the most relevant drivers for consolidating the M&A market in Spain, over the medium and long term? P.G.: The key drivers will be industry consolidation and the availability of liquidity. Spain’s production network consists primarily of SMEs, and this makes it particularly difficult to compete in a fully

Foro de Empresarios de Álava

On Wednesday, November 27, the “Foro Empresarial de Álava ”  organized by El Correo , BSK Legal y Fiscal , and Laboral Kutxa was held at the Gran Hotel Lakua in Vitoria. The event was attended by Enrique de Ybarra, President of El Correo; Txomin García, President of LABORAL Kutxa; and Ramón Solórzano, Managing Partner

IMAP Albia Capital presents a Mercurio Prize to Elena Ceca of Tonelerías Murua

Last Thursday, October 14, IMAP Albia Capital, at the Mercurio 2021 Awards, presented the award to the best Executive Management to Ms. Elena Ceca of Tonelerías Murua. Tonelería Murúa, founded in 1898, is one of the first cooperages in Europe. Today it is still a family business managed by a dynamic and current fourth generation

How much is my company worth – Alex Azcona for “El Economista”

Determining the value of a company requires a combination of technical knowledge and market experience, and not necessarily in that order. How much is my company worth? This is a question that is often asked by clients, friends and acquaintances and one for which, to their surprise, there is no direct answer. In recent years,

IMAP closed 185 M&A deals worth more than $18 bn in Q1-Q3 2021

IMAP Partners around the world closed 185 M&A deals worth more than $18 bn during the Q1-Q3 2021 period. The boom in the market activity observed in the first half of the year continued in Q3 and indicators suggest that 2021 will close out as one of the strongest years for IMAP on record. The

International funds land in basque companies

Yesterday, October the 3rd, Ana Barandiarán, editor of the Economy section of El Correo published a very interesting article on the entry of Private Equity in companies. In the article, Ana had different testimonies, including that of Fernando Cabos, partner of IMAP Albia Capital, which provides our view on this undeniable fact that is the

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