Albiacoustic 2019: Interview with Miguel Martínez, our LOGO´s author

Tell us about your artistic activity.

I do not know if I can call it “artistic activity”… I just like to do things and I always try to find moments to do them.

How do you get inspiration?

I usually do and try, and choose what I think it works.

Is  it possible to “call” the muses when you need them?

Hahahahaha. You can’t call them only when you need them… You have to give them love always.

For me, The Muses are those people who inspire and encourage you, sometimes without pretending, to do things and try to do your best.

What job did you expect from a financial firm like IMAP Albia Capital ?

On the financial side I had very little to offer, so it had to do something else… Hajaha.
Fortunately, it was a fairly straightforward assignment; I barely had time to speculate.

And what did you think when they told you they wanted a logo for a music event?

Well, very nice. It was a very cool project: I love music, and it was a very good opportunity, a challenge. ( thank you very much for your trust.)

What did you take inspiration from to create the Albiacoustic logo?

I went on your website to read about what was the event the previous year, to try to understand what it was about. And there was the key (never better said): Albia, Acoustic, Associates, Friends (in spanish “amigos”)… The “As” showed up right away. The A in Anglo-Saxon musical notation corresponds to the La, (the note used to fine-tune the instruments of an instrumental ensemble, by the way); I thought everything fitted very well.

Albia’s A (Finances) , and Acoustic’s A (Music) seem to be having a great time together on your logo. Do you think that’s really possible or do you think it’s more as a Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Hyde-type relationship?

It’s really possible. In fact, you have already demonstrated this with the success of this fantastic event. On a day-to-day basis we show that professional iceberg tip. But we all have, who else who least, hobbies that help us. Music is one of them, one of the most evocative.

What’s your next project? Maybe another crazy assignment?

My next project is personal and it’s crazy.   I hope you can see it soon.

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