ALBIA IMAP supports Rare Diseases

On a rare day like February 29th, it is Rare Disease Day.

Those who suffer from a Rare Disease (RD) are not rare themselves; they just have the misfortune of having an uncommon condition. They and their families have had to learn that climbing the mountain sometimes brings as many beautiful things as going to the beach or that vacations on asphalt can be as enriching as vacations on a paradise beach. Life gives you what it gives you, and you have to make the best of each experience. In this aspect, those with RD have a significant advantage. Instead of dwelling on what one doesn’t have, it’s essential to extract lessons from what one does have and show solidarity.

In any case, all of us can help people with RD not feel alone; we can advocate for RESEARCH, which is the only hope and solution when one finds themselves in this situation of isolation.

We want to raise awareness of Rare Diseases, as we do every year, and especially remember our friends at Dale Candela and the AVA Foundation, who are doing so much good for the patients and society in general.

As corporations and individuals, we can each contribute.





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