ALBIA | IMAP in Empresa XXI: 20 years of ALBIA IMAP with Fernando Cabos, founding partner


For the edition published on May 1, 2024, we have had the privilege of being interviewed by Empresa XXI, where we were able to review the 20-year history of ALBIA, a company exclusively dedicated to financial advisory in mergers and acquisitions.

In 2004, young and entrepreneurial individuals Fernando Cabos and Alejandro Azcona founded ALBIA, a company dedicated to advising SMEs in corporate transactions.

Alex and Fernando identified the need among middle-market companies for financial advisors who could assist them in processes such as company acquisitions, sales, etc., due to succession or internationalization issues. Initially, it was difficult for companies to find someone to engage with, and there was a lack of expert advisors who knew how to execute these transactions.

Today, clients not only demand technical expertise but also seek to find the best counterpart worldwide to carry out a corporate transaction at the highest level. For this reason, in 2017, we joined IMAP, an International Organization that provides us with the best international reach.

Today Fernando Cabos and Alex Azcona, together with Aitor Cayero, Pablo Gómez, Fran Hidalgo-Barquero and Ricardo Dávila, lead a team of 19 people in Spain who are passionate about the world of corporate finance. An excellent team technically and personally committed to the company and the M&A ecosystem.


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