Our visión provides solutions and our commitment is to implement them


Strategic reviews
and business plans

Why IMAP Albia Capital

  • Realistic: We make our projects realistic so that the objectives are attainable.
  • Exciting: Apart from being attainable, the projects provide excitement, so all the organisation can be involved in meeting the objectives.
  • Commitment: The two preceding characteristics, i.e. realistic and exciting, mean IMAP Albia Capital is committed to executing and implementing projects.

Our strategy is our commitment

Our strategy services are focused on providing support to company shareholders and management in the always delicate processes of strategic thinking and defining future projects. We are committed to not only thinking about and identifying the strategic options but also seeing them through, especially making sure that they provide tangible results.

Whether they are companies which are firmly established, in dire financial straits or in a weakened position, the key is to offer new perspectives about their situation and make sure our clients leave their daily routines and change their vision in this thought process. The result is always a shared project that provides hope.

IMAP Albia Capital helps create a future project that generates hope among a company’s shareholders and managers and undertakes to implement this by working “side by side” with our client.

Our usual projects

We are usually involved in the following types of projects:

  • Strategic thinking and its execution in the short, medium and long term
  • Strategy review
  • Business plan development
  • Business model review
  • Search for new business lines or projects
  • Succession in family companies
  • International expansion
  • Strategic and business due diligences in mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Joint-venture
  • Financial restructuring
  • Viability and restructuring plan

We have experience in diverse sectors, from industrial and commercial firms, to consumer and service companies. We have also worked with large corporations, SMEs, family companies and even start-ups. In all the cases, our approach and orientation have enabled us to “refresh” the concepts, models and perspectives, giving them the necessary boost to provide an exciting project.

As a result of IMAP Albia Capital’s multisector approach, we can apply the best practices regardless of the sector and size of the company with which we work, adapting them to each specific case.


Each client is special and requires a solution tailored to their characteristics and needs. A client undergoing expansion is clearly not the same as another one losing its share of its natural markets. However, in both cases, the result has to be a new project that generates shareholder value.

Since this is the ultimate objective of our contribution, our methodology involves not only taking into account the company’s current situation but also acquiring an in-depth knowledge of its competitive environment, possible future scenarios for its market, technology and products, and the company’s capacity and resources. The company’s shareholders and stakeholders also have to be added to this analysis. All of this is summarised and cross-checked with the shareholders and management team to define the main objectives of the future project, the leverage that will be used and the roadmap (the strategic lines with the milestones and responsible parties).

IMAP Albia Capital’s methodology enables our clients to analyse and gain a new perspective of their starting situation and identify the various strategic opportunities that will be assessed based on the available capacity and resources, so that the objectives are clear and can be shared by all the organisation.

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