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Restructuring, refinancing
and viability plans

Why IMAP Albia Capital

To achieve success, IMAP Albia Capital makes a number of values available to our clients:

  • The experience and skills of our team, who has managed these types of processes in practically all the sectors.
  • A verified methodology and pragmatism, rapidly identifying problems and seeking solutions.
  • Leadership capacity, since exiting the crisis will require a lot of motivation and work team spirit.
  • Involvement and commitment, making it our project and associating us with the results obtained.
  • Results orientation, basing our fees on success.

Actions during a crisis

The following image shows the situation of many companies and the thought-process of their shareholders, directors and managers when seeking solutions and alternatives.


Within this business restructuring and relaunching cycle, there are companies that are still in the downward phase and searching for solutions with their own equity, others which are in the restructuring phase (managing the crisis and their viability) and others in the relaunching phase and exiting the crisis but with problems financing their growth.

IMAP Albia Capital boasts extensive experience in accompanying its clients during both the expansion and growth phase as well as in crisis situations. Experience shows us the importance of correctly diagnosing the situation and acting as soon as possible since the effectiveness of a Viability Plan’s measures is closely related to the level of deterioration of a company’s financial position.

Specialist assistance is frequently sought when a company is in difficulties, after wasting a large amount of financial resources and energy.

Our services

When a company loses profitability and faces financial problems, IMAP Albia Capital’s services are aimed at:

  • Analysing the business strategy: By guiding the company to where its efforts should be focused and reviewing its competitive environment.
  • Avoiding cash destruction: By analysing the cash inflows and outflows, working to adapt them and ensuring the company’s survival (firms collapse and die basically due to cash flow problems).
  • Making the company viable: By studying its internal situation, environment and competitive position, the reasons for the lack of competitiveness, etc. aimed at drafting an exit plan either on its own or by seeking alliances or with help from third parties (new partners), thus setting the company back on track.
  • Accompanying the company when implementing the Viability Plan’s actions: By supporting and collaborating with the company’s team throughout the process:
    • Search for liquidity:
      • Adjusting cash flows and maintaining liquidity.
      • Refinancing debt.
    • New business model:
      • Seeking new markets (or how to generate more revenues), alliances, joint ventures, etc.
      • Rearranging resources and restructuring the business (redefining the company by adapting it to the current situation), making divestments, closing unprofitable activities, etc.
      • Negotiating with the parties involved (clients, suppliers, financial institutions, employees, institutions, shareholders, etc.).
      • Collaborating with, and being present in, the management bodies, steering committees and boards of directors.
    • Relaunching the company:
      • Aligning the stakeholders’ interest and re-taking the leadership.
      • Seeking alliances and joint ventures to relaunch the business.
      • Seeking for new financial resources based on a new business project.
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