Cómo preparar una ronda de financiación

Jun 15, 2018




Imap Albia Capital taught on 13th and 14th June for Beaz about “How to prepare a round of financing”. Aitor Cayero, Director, and Alejandro Vázquez, Head of Debt Advisory and M&A were in charge of it.

There are many paths for the growth of newly created companies . Venture Capital may be one of them, but it is only one option among several to consider.


  • Multiple studies have found that only a small part of start-up financing is obtained from Venture Capital.
  • In particular, a study by Hellman, Manju and Marco (2011) found that less than 1% of start-up financing comes from VCs.
  • The Kauffman firm survey – the most comprehensive study of entrepreneurship to date – found that only 4.4% of the funding of the 5,000 companies surveyed came from VC.
  • Most capital for start-ups comes from savings, friends, family and loans (Robb and Robinson, 2012). There is no traditional debt market for start-ups.
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