IMAP Albia Capital participa en un curso sobre instrumentos de financiación en la Universidad del País Vasco

Jun 28, 2017




Last 22nd June Aitor Cayero, Director at IMAP Albia Capital, took part in a course on financial instruments at the University of the Basque Country.

Aitor explained to the audience consisted of students and young professionals throughout the globe how to address entrepreneurship and which main sources of funds may be used. He also explained diferences between the sources and which types of funds are most frequently used in each development stage.

Ionan Marigómez (Director at Plentzia Marine Station) and Aitor Cayero (Director at IMAP Albia Capital)


At the end of the day Aitor took part in a round table composed of speakers and students where they spoke about the topics discussed during the day.

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