Las Operaciones Corporativas como estrategia para adquirir tamaño

Jul 21, 2016




Nowadays we almost all agree that companies need to grow in size to be able to properly deal with the challenges of efficiency, incorporation of technologies, optimization of processes, diversification and internationalization, aiming to follow the forces which establish the competitive environment.

In the domestic field, there is a business network of medium size enterprises with technological capabilities and resources, which could become “small corporations” with a small effort, and by maintaining their decision centers, they would contribute to quality employment creation locally.

It is proved that well-established companies that generate employment and have better future perspectives, are those which have a stronger international presence.

There are two ways of coming up as a winner of this race: organic and inorganic growth. Each of these options requires a consideration and previous analysis because one and the other´s requirements are very different.

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Choosing one or the other path, is not sometimes one´s own decision. It may come conditioned by its sector´s dynamics. The most significant example is the automotive sector, in which inorganic growth through corporate transactions are the most frequently employed way to access new clients, technologies, different products and geographies.

What does a Corporate Deal mean?

To execute an acquisition and according to our experience, several requirements are necessary.


  • Having strategic objectives clear and thus knowing the characteristics of new company that is desired
  • Sizing financial resources and deal structuring for the transaction
  • Understanding what kind of transaction we want: majority, minority, 100 % …
  • Evaluating human resources which will be needed to manage the transaction
  • Having a plan for the day after
  • Establishing the team that will be working on the deal and its coordination


Acquiring a company, requires a specific methodology and dedication. Its phases can be broken down into the following

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Nowadays, expanding business through acquisitions seems to be the best way to grow and diversify. Inorganic growth keeps the market status quo as is whereas organic growth may impact the price level and  global business margin.

To afford going through the process successfully , experience and methodology are required. Being in a hurry or voluntarism are fruitful transactions´ enemies because they could make us pay more than we should, misunderstand the objective, or perhaps even we will could not be able to manage the new situation securely.  In the end, it would imply not making a sound transaction.

Obtaining financing for transactions is not difficult in today´s market, especially if a smart project is led by a qualified team.   If the project is good, funding should not be a problem.

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