Alejandro Azcona e Iñigo Artamendi para Beaz: “Preparación de una Ronda de Financiación”

Oct 21, 2016




Alejandro Azcona, Partner at Albia Capital Partners, and Iñigo Artamendi, Manager, lecture Beaz, a basque entrepreneurship sponsoring entity, on “How to approach Fund Raising”

Funding Raising involves entering a tough   market with serious competitors. It requires a great financial marketing effort to convince potencial investors, and also requires knowing oneself and knowing the investor. It is essential to have a Value Proposition.

Before starting Fund Raising it is necessary to evaluate how the company adapts to the needs of investors, estimate financial requirements, define the profile of the investor, prepare the company for the road show, and define the project.

An inadequate planning of fund raising jeopardizes the negotiating position by showing weaknesses  which  in other ways would be avoidable.

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